Documentation Specialist - Espoo, Oulu, Tampere


Are you inspired by diverse tasks, challenging yourself and understanding your customer needs? We are looking for a technical documentation specialist, a visionary, who sees challenges as opportunities.



Is this perhaps you?

We are looking for a Documentation Specialist to strengthen our team. Perhaps we could describe you to be

  • A humanist, or alternatively having relevant technical education with some work experience. Technical communication studies is a big asset
  • Experienced with the basics of structured, technical communication and simplified technical English (STE). You have documented both hardware and software
  • Comfortable to work both in English and in Finnish
  • Familiar with the use of DITA XML editors and version control systems (CMS)
  • Perhaps experienced in using oXygen, InDesign and Word
  • Capable in designing information architecture and creating large materials that may be reused as foundation and base for other documentation
  • Confident in designing and publishing material using PDF and webhelp
  • Aware of the importance and need for localization, be able to request, create and publish translations
  • An extra bonus would be if you are familiar with the most common documentation standards (e.g. 82079, 7010, 8264)
  • Some illustration expertise would be great, but not a must

You play a key role

In this role you work closely together with multiple stakeholders; content producers, project management, sales, customer relationship management and subject matter experts. Typically, all documentation is produced in English. Characteristics like sense of duty and responsibility, being an extravert and a self-starter will assure your success in this role. You are used to work both independently and as part of a team, and you have good project management skills.

Huld, what makes us special

We offer our customers an easy access to an established, structured documentation environment and to first-rate documentation processes without requiring further investment, financial or system development, from the customer side. The tools we use enable digitalization in the future but are also suitable for manual instructions and user manuals. To learn more about our Technical Documentation check our references

How to apply

Please submit your CV and a brief cover letter by 17th of January 2021. However, why wait? We will start processing applications after the festive season and will proceed with the right candidates immediately.

Perhaps you would like to discuss the role and HULD as a workplace with Emmi Helanne? Please call Emmi on +358 50 526 3769 on 23.12.2020 13-15 or 8.1.2021 12-15.

Or to hear firsthand experience about work as a technical documentation specialist, call Riitta Kasolli on +358405954211 or Heidi Jouttijärvi +358443274837 4.1.12021 14-16 or 8.1.12021 14-15.


Emmi Helanne, Manager, Technical Documentation