Software Designer

I am a software engineer by education and on my free time I like to play sports and music: I have played drums more than 15 years.

I applied for a position at RD Velho (now Huld) in 2017, since the company offered versatile projects that corresponded well with my educational background. It was also clear that I would get a change to develop my expertise further. In the interview I got confirmation for my thoughts and my coworkers seemed to be very nice and relaxed people. I was really impressed with the company.

Working at Huld requires a strong technical understanding but great people skills cannot be overlooked either: They are an asset in customer meetings. It is also important to understand different technologies and their effects on each other.

The best thing about my job is probably the diversity of it. I get to work with different people and interact with them. I really enjoy it. I have quite good possibilities to influence my own work. I am free to choose the way I work and the different technologies I will use in projects. Huld is a very fair employer that provides employees with good benefits. There is no unnecessary hierarchy, we are equal.