Test Engineer, Team Leader

As early as I can remember, I have had a fascination for space exploration and astronomy.

So, my career path was set early on, and I focused my university studies in the related fields. I ended up at SSF (now Huld) in 2006 after my wife saw an advert for a job position. Already in the beginning I had the opportunity to work in the validation of the on-board software for the GOCE satellite. This meant long hours (but fully rewarding!) since the project was nearing its end, and there was a rush to get the satellite software in good shape. During my years at Huld I have been involved in several exciting satellite missions, including many that are currently doing science, like the GAIA mission.

The work has taken me to several European countries. Currently I am responsible for validation, verification, and qualification in several demanding projects. The work consists of leading and managing the validation team and to work in close cooperation with the project management, ensuring that the design team’s product fulfils all the technical requirements placed by the customer.

Even after all these years, I find my work interesting and challenging, with good atmosphere and teamwork every day. There is a great mix of people from diverse backgrounds, many having cutting-edge knowledge in their area of expertise. Personally, I love having the opportunity to work with very ambitious colleagues in a friendly international environment.