Senior Team Leader

Physics and mathematics were the two subjects that interested me most already in high school. I liked mathematics and natural sciences mostly because of the intellectual challenges they provided, and because I was fascinated by the logic encapsulated in the mathematical formulas and in the laws of nature they were used to describe. Later on, I found the same aspects first in the programming languages I studied at the university, and in the way a complex onboard application software is operated. I chose to study Computer Engineering, with a motivation that this education could be applied in all interesting domains almost wherever in the world.

I still managed to include physics as part of my engineering studies, and even did my master's thesis to the Department of Astrophysics. Soon after my graduation I spotted an open position at SSF (now Huld) that was a nice match with my master's thesis work and got the job as a junior software developer in the Ozone Satellite Application Facility project. My first years at Huld went quickly, I had various projects where I assisted the teams in coding and testing tasks. My first real project was within the Gaia Central Software, a mission that had the glorious endeavor to draw a 3D map of the Milky Way. During this project I finally grew to a professional in onboard software development and testing. Especially the two years spent in collocation at the customer premises at Airbus UK gave me the best chance of learning from the skilled onboard software architects.

What I like most about my work at Huld is the variety of different skills that I can apply in my daily work. The commitment of my colleagues to excel in everything we do is a constant source of motivation and a very important part of the company culture. The variety of projects in several domains of high reliability systems development never fails in providing new challenges.