Software Engineer

It is fair to say, that space exploration always held a special place in my heart. I can vividly remember the curiosity that sparked within me upon first hearing about the daring Apollo missions in my early childhood. In school, I felt at home the most with mathematics and natural sciences. It was only later in high school that I discovered my passion for physics: The challenge and logical rigor in natural law rather resonated with me, prompting me to pursue a career in this field.

Still wishing to retain some touch with practical engineering disciplines, I decided to venture into a degree in engineering physics. Apart from my major in physics, I sought to expand my curriculum by studying pickings of space technology, applied mathematics, mechatronics, computer science, electrical engineering, and Russian language. Computer science and programming tend to strike a chord with mathematically oriented individuals, and in this regard, I was no exception: Through research projects in scientific computing, I gained skills in topics such as algorithm design, parallel computing, and machine learning techniques. The student CubeSat projects at my university presented amazing opportunities to work with space technology, eventually leading me to my master’s thesis in computational space physics for the Suomi 100 satellite mission.

I am looking forward to work with new projects at Huld in both space tech and industry. The cheerful attitude and talent of our people at Huld makes every day both enjoyable and productive. With rocket scientists like these, I feel like I am in good hands. For any prospective applicants out there; do not hesitate to apply!