Software Engineer

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in how things work, and I’ve always found it exciting to unwrap something complex into its fundamental simplicity. After graduating from my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, I started working with embedded devices and enjoyed the feeling of being able to control complex hardware through the code I write. Early on in my career I worked on large telecommunication and embedded projects and this kindled an interest in me to learn more about software systems and do my master’s in Software Systems from the Birla institute of technology and science, Pilani, India.

After completing my post-graduation, I started working on life safety products in the embedded domain. I am passionate about using technology to solve meaningful problems and effect positive change and I was looking out for a new role that allowed me to do this. I also wanted to delve deeper into embedded development, IoT and data science.

When I first saw the job posting at SSF (now Huld), it ticked all the right boxes for me. The work that Huld does in the space and systems domains is fascinating. The entire journey with Huld so far including the hiring, on-boarding and the projects I’m working on have been wonderful. The Huld team is a close-knit group, with people from Finland and all around the world working together, supporting and driving each other to excel at what they do. I get to work with people who are experts in their respective domains, and there’s been a lot of learning for me in a short span of time.