Software Engineer

Ever since I was a little kid my passion for computers was shadowed only by that for space. So after I graduated in Computer Science at Faculty of Applied Sciences of West Bohemia University I've decided to quit my part-time job and in hopes to fulfill my dreams I've started to search for a position of space software engineer, and I found it with Huld. Even with some real IT experience under my belt it took me some time to absorb different approaches that are taken when developing safety critical systems and understanding various "space protocols" but with every next project I felt more confident in my abilities and more proud of what I've helped to create.

My current project involves Central Software development for the Solar Orbiter - ESA's probe sent to study our closest star, the Sun, from up close. The software is responsible for management of all spacecraft's sub-systems (science instruments, internal & external comunications, navigation, propulsion, data storage, energy distribution, etc.) bringing them together whilst making sure that probe is always safely hiding behind its sunshield and that it can autonomously try to solve any problem that might occure (being several light minutes away is not as much of a problem as being hidden behind the Sun for weeks without any means of communication with Earth).

Every space mission brings forward some unique challenges that need to be solved and after over 4 years in the field of space software I can't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my days. Space exploration aims beyond any terrestrial borders and unites us for common goal of getting closer to understanding this ultimate cosmic mystery that we all feel everytime we stop for a moment and truly look up to a clear night sky. And I am looking forward to any future projects that will help us getting more pieces to the puzzle.