Software Architect

I have worked at Huld since 2013, and in IT for more than twenty years. I've worked in a wide range of software projects. I mainly do consulting on software design and system architectures and integrations. Design and development of software products as well as directing software developers are both included in my responsibilities. I spend my free time in the woods or orienteering.

I appreciate the diversity of the work. The job of a software architect consists mainly of designing and developing various products and services. This includes pre-design, design, implementation, deployment and customer support, as well as presenting solutions and implementations to the customer. With Huld I get to fulfill myself in many ways.

In design and development, I deal with interfaces, data warehouses, and everything in between. As a consult I do requirement specifications on customers’ information systems and technical descriptions from the viewpoint of both the enterprise architecture and software architectures. Consulting brings the right amount of variation to product development work.

At Huld, I get to challenge and develop myself. The work requires developing ideas into functional and satisfying products with good user experience. The work requires an understanding of how things are worth doing now as well as in the future, and how much time it takes to do them. I get to learn new technologies and ways to do things better.

My favorite tasks are those that require finding a solution "outside the box", ie. tasks where you can use your creativity. Every day you can learn new things and show off your skills with great colleagues. It's good to be here.