Industrial Designer

At Huld, I have the opportunity to work in interesting projects with a variety of interesting clients. The work community is open. Huld offers a variety of product design services and we have experts from a wide range of fields.

In the center of every employee’s well-being is the work community. We can provide customers with virtually all aspects of product development. This is probably the strength that sets us apart from many other actors.

I have worked at Huld since 2012. Before that, I had my own company; I became an employee at Huld as a result of an acquisition. In addition to industrial design, I also do mechanical design. This means my work consists of wide-ranging designing. The fascination of this works lies in its variety.

The work community is open; Superiors are on the same line with other employees. Colleagues also do things together in their free time. For example, we try out a new sport every month. This way we can further tighten the work community. Superiors are a part of the group. They get tackled on the floorball field just as everyone else. I recommend Huld as a workplace because here you get to work in interesting projects with interesting clients.